Prodigious! The Power Of Suggestive

Prodigious! The Power Of Suggestive

interest parents: ultra-modern post contain grownup humor - albeit extremely childish adult humor.

you understand how it goes: you see something, you choke back amusing, you go searching to peer if every person ELSE is giggling, you be aware that nobody is, and you then figure your mind is just within the gutter and you are the best person who sees something a little iffy approximately the sheep bone on this one-12 months-antique's cake, as an example:

[Photo removed at baker's request. (Although *she* thought it was funny; the client did not.) Instead, please enjoy this lovely picture of Epcot. And then imagine a sheep holding a giant dog bone at hip level.]

Doooo yoooour "bones" cling low?Do they hold from side to side?can you toss 'em in a sack?Do they startle little Bo?

The factor, my fellow gutter-minded pals, is pointing skyward in the interim - and a bit to the proper.

however in a extra metaphorical experience, the point is I apprehend. name it a risk of the process, however I, too, frequently see chortle-inducing unmentionables wherein others see, say, strangely formed "flowers:"

And i am forced to wonder simply how curious Curious George has become to warrant a giant censor dot:

Of direction, some human beings are even similarly down the gutter pipes than i'm, as evidenced by way of those of you (John) who felt this much less-than-ladylike commencement bear deserved a point out - or at the least a longer robe:

stitch Unseamly! a person get this endure a barely There Censor endure, STAT.

(Btw, i have heard of a nip slip earlier than, but what do you call this?)(No, wait - don't solution that. There are innocents present.)

adequate, I understand that one turned into a stretch - [rim shot!] - however inform me you're not in the least bit curious why a baker decided to try this:

perhaps it is a pun: , a trunk down the Gingerbread guy's trunks? but then, why does the elephant look so sad?

again, probably excellent if you do not answer that.

Ever see a cake so adorable you simply need to squeeze it?

Yeah, i'm feeling the exact opposite of that right now.

and then there are the cakes that go over from vaguely disconcerting into outright recoil-inducing:

WHY IS THE end OF IT dirty?!!

And... [whimper]... is that a pearl necklace?

close the internet. we all want showers.What? No, not together - adequate, bloodless showers, for some of you.And maybe a case of Unicorn chasers.

way to Anony M., Beth B., Carrie C., Patrick V., Katie Q., Cindy okay., & Lesley W. for ruining the tune "Butterfly Kisses" for me. No, wait, that was already ruined. by no means mind.

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