Marvelous! Getting Ahead

Marvelous! Getting Ahead

i have been feeling a bit blah this week. call it the publish-holidays hunch (I omit my Christmas tree), name it the winter blues (it is so FREAKING hot), name it Al - whatever the purpose, i'm greater inclined to lie at the couch and cruise Etsy or play Mario Kart than any of my ordinary, marginally more efficient sports.

So, as of proper now i've determined to hop on the ol' treadmill table and write some thing definitely tremendous for once. some thing lifestyles-maintaining. something pleased. some thing to remind myself i have got nothing to whinge approximately.

(hint: it is not a man on his palms and knees below a sheet.)

And, whaddaya realize? I experience better already!

thanks to Anony M. for sharing her winning entry in my unofficial "Worst Christmas gift Ever" contest. you are a cut above the rest, my pal!

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