Awesome! Accidentally Insulting Birthday Cakes

Awesome! Accidentally Insulting Birthday Cakes

I normally don't publish call misspellings, because let's accept it: there are humans accessible who spell Jennifer with a Q. Names are difficult.

nevertheless, sometimes a baker will botch a call in the sort of hilariously insulting manner that it. is. magic.

And what "Bart" hasn't regarded this ache?

trust it or not, this guy's not fat. he is just a little Cubby.

Is Beth satisfied they did not dot that second "I"?

Funnily sufficient, I assume Bobby did request a number of those on his cake...

And perhaps the most diffused insult of all:

On the only hand, kudos to this bakery for recognizing that a boy can like red fairies:

however, little Jess become PISSED.

(If it's any comfort, Jess, they messed up Jeff's cake, too:)

And eventually, at the same time as I don't know which call this Asian bakery thought they had been writing on their display cake, i'm quite certain it wasn't this one:

thanks to Heather B., Susan F., Laura R., Beau S., Brian C., Anna G., Debi, Eric C., and Rebecca M., who will all henceforth be referred to as Chuckles.

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