Fantastic! Well, MY Childhood Is Ruined

even as all of us warfare to deal with this assault on our inner child, i have a few questions:

1. Is Mickey protecting the boobies? 'Cuz he looks as if he is going, "Whoah, whoah, whoah, there, kids! Nuthin' to peer here! flow alongside! Ha-hyuck!" (Wait, that is Goofy's chortle, is not it? Sorry. I guess Mickey's is extra of a "Hoo-HOO!" which is definitely appropriate, do not you compromise?

2. Why is Mickey sitting on a huge purple dot? Is that the panic button? because, I imply, if *I* had a panic button, i would totally be clicking it right now.

3. Boob cakes are usually made for bachelor events. that is no longer a question; I simply want you to reflect onconsideration on that for a minute.

(appearance, at some point this receives so demanding that it rounds the bend returned to "humorous" again. i'm simply doing my component to get us all to that point.)

thank you - I suppose - to L.P., whose simplest rationalization turned into, "it's hard to give an explanation for." Do inform, L.P.  DO tell.

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