Prodigious! Sunday Sweets: Tolkien Treats!

Prodigious! Sunday Sweets: Tolkien Treats!

In honor of J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday last week, how about a few middle Earth-themed candies to have fun?

(by means of Mike's exquisite cakes)

The White city in white chocolate? I APPROVE.

And look, you can even see a tiny White Tree of Gondor within the top court!

So is it too much to wish the darkish Tower is dark chocolate?

(by marketplace Salamander)

I see you... IN MAH belly. Nomz.

Or, in case you pick some thing a bit greater understated, how about those best Elvish leaves with the only Ring's script?

(by means of Cake primary consumer Jasley)

(by means of The Cake Whisperer)

i love how the cake board seems like molten gold - and i am outstanding impressed they controlled to emboss the script at the inside part!

Hmm, however I suppose we want a few lovable in right here, don't you compromise?

(by Love is Cake)

(by Imaginarium cakes)

Epic facial hair has in no way been this lovable.

(by using Cake important member ChinaDoll652003's husband & sister)

would not or not it's ideal for a marriage? With the earrings on that pedestal?

i love the way Sting "glows" on this one:

(by way of Coco's)

And one greater Hobbit hollow, because I cannot get enough of that spherical green door:

(with the aid of mom And Me creative desserts)

also diggin' the stone steps and woven fences.

This wedding cake brings collectively Rohan and Gondor with trademarks from every land, plus an Eowyn & Faramir topper:

(via One sweet Slice)

can't decide if the finish appears extra like bronze or leather, however both way, i really like.

And finally, the most jaw-losing Smaug cake i have ever seen:

(via i like desserts by using Sheila for cakes From middle Earth)

His wings are manufactured from rice paper, the frame is sculpted of both fondant and modeling chocolate, and the flames are pulled sugar with LEDs interior. WOW.

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