Comb The Dessert!

Comb The Dessert!

Like so many brides, Robyn M. observed the best cake for her wedding on Pinterest:

Now, permit's be actual, Robyn. That cake? THAT cake? There are like four bakers on earth who can make that cake, with all its tiny, perfectly-pleated ruffles and its faultless ombré fade. ok? ok.

besides, i am guessing Robyin already figured that out, because...

(it is like a cheap undies keep exploded on it. can't you almost sense the scratchy nylon? Mmmm.)

Ug, what? I can not regardless of this these days. So...

way to Robyn M., Mallory M., Angela B., Anna W., Anony M., & Richard B. for combing the dessert. (Eh? EH?!) Now... test, please.

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