Wonderful! Resolution Time

Wonderful! Resolution Time

each January, hundreds of thousands of humans around the world use the dawning of a brand new 12 months as a motive to forestall eating HoHos. And every January, tens of millions of people fail miserably.

[shaking fist] (I wish I knew a way to give up you, HoHos!)

...in particular even as baking. It makes your arms shake and there is not anything worse than dropped Bawls.

Take obligation for my errors - even the itty-bitty ones that nobody else would ever virtually observe.

The frownie face suggests i'm sincere.

So I may be extra like Captain Kirk.

And in the end, forestall promoting infants at the black market.

...or as a minimum begin packaging them higher. (Customs can be one of these pain in the butt.)

thanks Rachel T., Lisa, Alicia G., Monique R., Jessica R., Karilee S. Hmm, Captain Kirk, beer and herpes. I think I keep in mind that episode...

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