Unbelievable! The Cake Wrecks Hangover Cure

Unbelievable! The Cake Wrecks Hangover Cure

[whispering] suitable morning, sunshine! satisfied New yr. How's your head?

Oooh, that awful, huh? nicely, I recognize you partied quite tough this weekend, so we're gonna take trendy put up quality and sluggish and smooth. Like a non violent, breezy feeling. A candy, cool, stomach-calming....

Sheesh, what'd they frost that component with, marshmallows and warm head cheese?

Aw, you are looking a bit faded. you understand what might help? extra cake.[nodding knowingly]

Whoa, there, friend. You sure are sweating plenty.

Wow. i have in no way in reality seen someone turn that color of green before. charming.

well, pay attention. maybe you shouldn't scroll down any further.

You truely shouldn't be scrolling down here on your situation.

In case you have not figured it out yet, this final cake is simply, clearly gross.

What are you, a few kind of sadomasochist?

i'm telling you, this aspect is NASTY.

but do not say I didn't warn you.

Anony M., Carissa S., Jessica, & Anony M., thanks for kick-starting my New 12 months's weight loss plan.

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