Fantastic! A Kwanzaa Tradition

Fantastic! A Kwanzaa Tradition

it is time again for everybody's favored Kwanzaa culture: making fun of Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa cake!

For those who have come what may controlled to miss it in preceding years: that is an angel meals cake, included in chocolate cinnamon frosting, filled with canned apple pie filling, and "garnished" with pumpkin seeds and corn nuts.

The large taper candles jammed inside the cake are presumably there for "way of life."

And if you missed any of that, kindly confer with this accessible diagram:

(available as a t-blouse in your subsequent First fruits festival!)

This ill-concieved creation has spawned a veritable plethora of ironic baking adventures through the years, as humans first recreate it in their personal kitchens after which dare each different to eat it. Do a seek and you'll find lots of motion pictures and photos - and the reaction pictures of humans tasting it are quite priceless.

Why, Elizabeth in Georgia even made this miniature model for one in every of our book excursion stops:

You need to admit, the use of popcorn kernels in area of corn nuts is quite inspired.

but, no replica can ever absolutely compete with the authentic, so acquire 'spherical, my friends, whilst Aunt Sandra tells us a story of own family, first fruits, and cultural sensitivity:

also, Corn Nuts are known as "acorns." Did you already know?

As a aspect notice: i have lost remember of the way typically i've visible this video during the last four years, however someway it nonetheless unleashes sparkling horrors with every viewing. simply looking at that icing makes my teeth hurt, and whilst you throw in angel meals cake - which must never have icing on it initially - topped with pumpkins seeds and corn nuts, i'm pretty certain i would rather gnaw on one of the taper candles.

Oh, and right here's an exciting nugget: the man or woman Sandra Lee hired to write down this "recipe" later confessed, and her best protection? "The candles had been her [Lee's] idea." (I know; i am nevertheless reeling over the truth that Lee paid someone to come up with Corn Nuts and cinnamon icing, too.)

Say, do you believe you studied Lee could be in the marketplace for my new St. Patrick's Day recipe? it's a store-sold pie shell packed with frozen orange soda, chopped Circus Peanuts, and funky Whip. For garnish i've Andes Mints and Doritos crumbs, and for adornment, a can of Guiness jammed "festively" in the middle. i will be rich, I let you know, rich!! MWUAH-HA-HAAA!

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