Amazing! Sunday Sweets: Your Holiday Happy Place

Amazing! Sunday Sweets: Your Holiday Happy Place

via now a lot of you aren't any doubt in that pressure-stuffed haze of pre-Christmas panic - the one that effects from too much purchasing and too little eggnog. (due to the fact, severely, EGGNOG FIXES everything.)

So concentrate, I need you to just sit down lower back, relax, and allow allll that excursion pressure move. due to the fact this, my friends, is your happy location.

(by using Karla's Little Bakery)

is this now not the sweetest, artsiest little bit of suitable for eating quilling you've got ever seen? So perfect! Now I need to attempt quilling again simply to make this sample into subsequent 12 months's Christmas playing cards.

And speaking of playing cards, doesn't this remind you of all those antique-styled pretties - the ones on thick cream paper with embossed lettering?

(by using Alliance Bakery)

I suppose it is all the handpainting; it's simply so perfect it appears printed.

(via inspired by using Michelle Cake Designs)

See that sample at the white? i love that pattern. I want it protected in crystals and made into wrapping paper - which i'm able to then hoard, Smaug-fashion, together with lots of rolls of sparkly Christmas ribbon, because I significantly cannot stop buying that stuff.

you could have heard that the three clever men introduced the infant Jesus presents of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, however did you understand in addition they delivered something a bit more festive?

(by means of Yuma Couture desserts)

because it's no longer a party 'til there are balloons, dangit.(That silhouette is just too, too cool.)

This one makes me hum "strolling in a wintry weather Wonderland" - and with the right words, even!

(by using Chanata candies 'n ornament)

That pop of lime green within the middle with the teal is pretty much the cheeriest aspect ever, and i like the dusting of powered sugar snow on the chocolate pinecones. And did you observe this is an anniversary cake? SO sweet.

This next one is as cozy as your preferred Christmas sweater:

(pictures by Simone van Den Berg, cake with the aid of Evelien Keijer)

it is also baffling the heck out of me, considering the fact that I don't have any concept how the baker did it. She could not have for my part piped every unmarried "sew," right? proper?? Please, someone inform me; I may also lose sleep over this.

any other handpainted beauty with a antique vibe:

(observed right here, each person recognize the baker?)

i am digging the "snow" dripping off the ones berries and branches.

And this one manages to be modern-day and classic at the same time:

(paintings via Illustree and cake with the aid of 3 Little Blackbirds desserts)

Black, white, and sparkly purple glitter will in no way exit of style, people. in no way.

And do not underestimate the power of a bit pink accent on a tender gray palette, either:

(with the aid of Of desserts and Cupcake (and Apollo too))

Airbrushing completed proper makes me all happy inside.

you understand, i've visible lots of cakes, and i generally satisfaction myself on being capable of spot what's suitable for eating and what's now not. This subsequent one, even though? completely fooled me:

(by Gateaux Inc.)

I thought those were stacked hat bins, however nope; it is cake, and the whole lot on it's miles fit for human consumption. The bells, the silky gold robe, and of direction the sheet music sides. Plus the stable facet has this suitable shimmer you could clearly only see up near:

And if you idea that was stunning, then keep on for your massive pearly antlers:

(through Cake coronary heart)

OooooOOOOoooooh.And just like that, blue is my new favourite shade.

well, i am hoping you loved, my buddies, due to the fact your happy place is now ultimate. So get on obtainable, and go drink some eggnog. [lifting cup] Cheers!

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