Shocking! The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Shocking! The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

sure, my friends, the time attracts nigh: a season of love, joy, peace, goodwill towards individuals who assume the identical way you do - why, i'm able to almost sense the warm fuzzies constructing in the direction of crucial mass as I type. might not you be part of me in a moment of fuzzy-basking?

ok, sufficient of that. on to the Wreckage!

Now, while schools and religious and network groups across the world strive to rejoice all the goodness of the season, bakeries are combating returned the best way they recognize how: with an unfolding drama of tragedy, anger, and mutation - right there a number of the rye and pumpernickel.

First, allow's set the scene with a pleasant crackling fireplace within the ol' hearth:


See, I know that is a fire (and now not Mount Vesuvius) because it says "fire" at the cake board. [tapping temple] i am "smaht" like that.

next allow's meet some of the characters featured on this month's tale of Christmas*-long gone-incorrect:

Ah, here we've got the Ghost of Reindeers past, manifestly rendered by means of a Salvador Dali fanatic. The gaping hole in which his nostril used to be reminds us of the fragility of lifestyles; the melting ears of how rarely we prevent to concentrate; and the giant crimson spooge of...uh... how we need to usually use a serviette after eating? Yeah, allow's go together with that.

subsequent there's Snappy, the stitched-collectively yule monster:

he is made of sugar and spice and could mess your a$$ UP, beeyotches.

Oh, and allow's not forget about the Turdaphants:

these harbingers of Christmas "cheer" are invariably puckered up, the better to suck your spirit dry with.

And sooner or later, there is the large guy himself:

He simply hasn't been the equal due to the fact he lost his nostril in that unfortunate sledding accident. Oh, and satisfactory no longer to allow on that you could inform his beard is faux; that's how Rudolph got his trick knee.

thanks to cutting-edge casting retailers: Jennifer E., Carly O., Heidi A., Laura F., and Khara okay!

* Yep, i've determined to live dangerously and use the word "Christmas" this month. If that offends you, relaxation confident that none of these Wrecks are going to make "Christmas" look properly. :)

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