Shocking! Rear View Wreckage

Shocking! Rear View Wreckage

dependable henchpersons, I might not misinform you: contemporary submit scares the bejeepers out of me.

you notice, if ever a wreck became cursed in this blog, it's far the child Butt Cake:

through anything artistic

I first published one waaaay back inside the toddler days of Wrecks, but I soon had to pull the photograph once I learned the baker turned into not a seasoned. So, I replaced it with a distinctive butt cake. This time the baker turned into a seasoned, however become additionally none too pleased at having her advent be the butt of my butt jokes. So, I pulled THAT image. (up to now, i've handiest had about 8 or nine bakers ever ask me to cast off a picture. no longer a awful record, for all that.)

At that point I determined the put up changed into cursed, and left it.

but, today, pricey readers, I face my fears. you notice, the butt cake phenomenon has been growing unchecked, and is now threatening to overrun the arena's toddler showers. My friends, we can't permit this occur. despite the fact that the desserts are well-completed,* I ask you: wherein is the experience? where is the "lovely?" the other half of this child?

Aha! you see, maximum pro-butt bakers may not display you *this* perspective.

as an alternative, they choose to show off their creations by way of the light of the whole moon:

For lots of those designs, the angle is such that it seems the baby is stuck head-down inside the cake - thereby answering the "in which's the relaxation of him?" query, however raising several greater of the "who buries a toddler in a cake?" range.

other bakers unashamedly go with the Bisected baby technique, figuring that a touch fondant draping over that waist jutting off the side by some means makes everything "work."

And on account that we're manifestly no longer letting an insignificant factor like anatomy get within the manner, why not have Gumby knees?


This one almost looks like a head and arms shooting up:at the same time as this one makes me honestly....uncomfortable.

good enough. Yeah. i am just going to head beforehand and say it:

The "slightly There Censor undergo" is sincerely incomes his cash these days.

And eventually, allow's give up with some thing so hilarious that I haven't any choice but(t) to agree with the baker is mocking the complete toddler Butt genre:

way to Tina, Anony M., Carolina, Jamie, Marilyn W., Angie & Kim, Ashley D., Lisa E., & Jillayne, who're all backside-feeders. In a terrific manner. (sort of.)

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