Marvelous! Rear View Wreckage

Marvelous! Rear View Wreckage

unswerving henchpersons, I might not deceive you: modern submit scares the bejeepers out of me.

you see, if ever a ruin become cursed in this blog, it's miles the baby Butt Cake:

by means of anything creative

I first posted one waaaay lower back within the toddler days of Wrecks, but I quickly had to tug the photograph once I found out the baker was no longer a seasoned. So, I replaced it with a one-of-a-kind butt cake. This time the baker was a seasoned, but became additionally none too thrilled at having her advent be the butt of my butt jokes. So, I pulled THAT picture. (up to now, i've most effective had approximately eight or 9 bakers ever ask me to remove a photo. not a horrific report, for all that.)

At that factor I decided the post become cursed, and left it.

however, today, pricey readers, I face my fears. you see, the butt cake phenomenon has been growing unchecked, and is now threatening to overrun the sector's child showers. My buddies, we can not let this occur. despite the fact that the desserts are well-achieved,* I ask you: wherein is the experience? wherein is the "lovable?" the alternative 1/2 of this toddler?

Aha! you see, most seasoned-butt bakers won't show you *this* attitude.

as an alternative, they favor to show off their creations via the mild of the full moon:

For lots of these designs, the angle is such that it appears the infant is stuck head-down in the cake - thereby answering the "wherein's the rest of him?" question, but raising numerous more of the "who buries a toddler in a cake?" variety.

different bakers unashamedly go with the Bisected baby approach, figuring that a bit fondant draping over that waist jutting off the aspect come what may makes the whole thing "paintings."

And since we are manifestly not letting a mere element like anatomy get inside the way, why no longer have Gumby knees?


This one almost looks like a head and hands stoning up:while this one makes me in reality....uncomfortable.

good enough. Yeah. i am just going to go beforehand and say it:

The "barely There Censor endure" is clearly incomes his money today.

And in the end, allow's give up with something so hilarious that I have no desire however(t) to trust the baker is mocking the entire child Butt genre:

way to Tina, Anony M., Carolina, Jamie, Marilyn W., Angie & Kim, Ashley D., Lisa E., & Jillayne, who are all bottom-feeders. In an awesome way. (kind of.)

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