Amazing! How To Create Oreo CupCakes

there may be not anything like a great cupcake, or even better there is not anything like a brilliant Oreo Cupcake so I decided to bake up a few clean, quick cupcakes that everybody will love.

start off along with your preferred cake recipe, or your can even use a cake blend from a container inclusive of those made via Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines or Pillsbury.

prepare your cake blend as directed…..i am using a Duncan Hines White Cake blend

you will need some oreo cookies, you may get the regular sized cookies or the little mini’s which I should say are just too lovable. people who recognise me, understand that i really like, LOVE anything that is mini in size…..i've all sorts of collections which are mini in size consisting of all those lovely little Tupperware mini’s, omg I simply love them…..hehe can you inform i like mini’s?? in case you don’t recognise what Tupperware mini’s are i can post a percent right here which could be very off topic however on account that i like them i'm able to percentage the p.c of them I were given off of ebay……most are keychains and are too cute, i have some like those but just noticed there are numerous I don’t have as of but…..hmmm may want to do a little ebaying later, besides again to whats essential CUPCAKES! Sorry I got off subject matter!!! ?

Now as I said you want a few Oreo Cookies……….ordinary sized cookies or the mini’s it does now not remember we're going to weigh down them up.


vicinity a handful of the mini cookies in a sandwich baggie (if your the use of the large cookies i'd use about 6 of them) and region a cloth on pinnacle of the baggie then use a hammer to overwhelm the cookies. Its as much as you ways small you need the cookie portions to be i love to go away small chunks considering the fact that this can be positioned into the cake batter.


Pour your beaten cookies into your cake batter and fold them into the batter as no longer to combine too much.


that is what your batter need to appear to be when you fold the cookies into your batter. you may see a number of the small chunks for you to taste so accurate while biting into the cupcake…..yummm!


vicinity your cupcake liner papers right into a cupcake pan and spoon your batter into the cupcake papers.


looking into my oven my cupcakes are baking properly and beginning to rise….ohh I can not wait to taste them!


Cupcakes are cooling….I typically wait some hours earlier than I ice them!

cupcakes 014

i am the use of my favorite Buttercream Icing Recipe for those cupcakes which may be determined here…..

right here is my Buttercream Icing ready to move….Now its time to feature some icing to my Oreo Cupcakes!

cupcakes 017

I used a wilton bag and icing tip quantity 6B which is a huge icing tip….i love to just pop it inside the bottom of the icing bag considering that i will not be converting recommendations… case you have been going to exchange tips then you definately might additionally use a massive coupler in the bottom of your icing bag. recent 024 - Copy

I just do a simple swirl on pinnacle of the cupcake, not anything main…..its all approximately being easy right here!

as soon as iced, pop a mini oreo on top of the cupcake to complete off the look, if you used the everyday sized oreos then use a half of of the cookie to place on the pinnacle of your cupcake. IMG_0463

Now its time to sit down and experience this sort of awesome Oreo Cupcakes, ohhh soo exact if I don’t say so myself!

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