Awesome! When Gangsters Go "PC"

Awesome! When Gangsters Go

"simply decoratin' this here Christmas cake, boss."

"Bugsy, you can not write "Christmas" there - it's gonna offend anyone! An' don't name me 'boss'."

"Sorry, boss. am i able to write 'satisfied holidays'?"

"Nah, dat'll offend those who do not rejoice no holidays."

"can i just use purple and green icin' and not write nuthin'?"

"Bugsy, ya knucklehead, think about it: red and inexperienced say 'Christmas', see? S'no precise. Use a lotta blue - however no longer blue and white, thoughts, 'motive dat's all Hanukkah-like. maybe strive blue and poiple."

"Yeah, but what do I write, boss?"

"I dunno; Lil' Antony stated it's simply gotta be 'completely non-offensive-like, says nuthin' of substance, and don't reference no holidays.' Oh, and it can't begin wit' 'satisfied' or 'merry', neither - people would possibly think we're forcing our 'emotional views' on 'em, some thing da heck dat means."

Wow, Tanya C., i'm getting full of the vacation spirit just searching at this. I suppose the underline virtually sells it, don't you?

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