Fantastic! Hanukkah Blues

Fantastic! Hanukkah Blues

generally around this time of yr a person will usually say to me, "howdy, you can not do this right here!"

So then I positioned my pants on and take my carton of eggnog back domestic, wherein I locate people are asking why i have not published any Hanukkah desserts yet.

The reasons are simple, my pricey wreckies: first of all, bakers do not make many Chanukah cakes initially. And secondly, see reason number one.

however honestly, who can blame them? Do you know how hard it is to spell Hannukah? I suggest, efficiently?


and then there are the ones mind-bendingly complicated Stars of David. they've six points, you guys. SIX! Pre-college did no longer prepare us for those types of manual dexterity demanding situations, adequate? it is now not like you could simply draw a ordinary five-pointed big name and then stick an extra factor on it!

(Oh, wait, you can?)

Even the Dreidel, that spinning pinnacle thing it is additionally impossible to spell, to the point that my spell take a look at is telling me i'm an illiterate doofus for questioning it is spelled that way, and absolutely I mean "Deirdre" as a substitute, but I googled it, spell take a look at, AND i'm completely proper, so stop pushing this Deirdre chick on me, because i am out of eggnog, and i'm not inside the mood!

And what is pyramid-head Mr. invoice doing here?

Or is that a house with a massive electrical outlet on it?

 properly, whichever, you could rest smooth, my expensive Chanooka celebrants, knowing you will usually have the classic, stylish alternative of a blue-and-white-snowflake cake for your festivities:

Or a frozen sanitary pad with wings. 

thanks to Ali A., Elizabeth C., Tom F., & Jamie for helping put the "huh?" returned in Hannukhuh.

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