Amazing! La La Land

Amazing! La La Land

break the halls with cows of folly

Fa l. a. l. a. la laa, los angeles los angeles moo moo

Fa l. a. la la laa, la la boo hoo

Fa l. a. laa, los angeles l. a. laa, it comes that waaay!

Fa l. a. l. a. l. a. laaa, los angeles los angeles cheapskate

Fa los angeles l. a. l. a. laaaaa, l. a. UN-I-forehead

thanks to Elizabeth S., Erin L., Gene H., Jami ok., Ted S., & Tiffany F. for reminding each person it's not too overdue to get your copy of wreck the Halls for Christmas. Aw, you men are the high-quality.

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